About Me/My Fitness Journey

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Hi there! So glad you came by. I really hope to inspire, motivate, and help you along your journey as much as I can! But first, here's a transparent background about me:

My name is Taylor (Chamberlain) Dilk, a personal trainer and nutritionist with a Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics.  I am currently fulfilling my passion as a nutritionist and personal trainer and have clients all across the world through my online services. I grew up in Colorado but now reside Indiana. I have always been interested in fitness and nutrition, and for a very good reason. My mom and dad always taught me first hand how to eat to fuel your body, as well as how vital weight training and being active is for your overall health and wellness. The fit and healthy lifestyle rubbed off on me quite easily (dad a bodybuilder, mom a Denver Broncos cheerleader). But nothing quite sparked my interest in the field like the experience I had in high school. In 2009, my parents decided to compete in a bodybuilding show (mom in figure, dad in bodybuilding). The moment I watched them step on stage was the moment I knew that I was going to do something in the health and fitness field as a career later down the road. That was when I was 16 years old. I began to study fitness and nutrition so much, that I became slightly obsessed. I developed an eating disorder secondary to a cascading of events that changed my world.  Overcoming this disorder within about a year or so was challenging, but I believe I went through it to help others who are in this situation currently. If you would like to know the whole story, click on the above link to my YouTube video explaining my journey.  

Flash forward to today, I have widened my knowledge and understanding of the topics every single day since then, and continue to do so through my own personal experiences as well as with my clients. I believe in consuming whole foods which gives the body the proper nutrition to perform at its optimum, as well as being able to have non-nutrient dense foods in moderation. Balance creates sustainability and adherence for the long run. Before I began my online business (Taylor Chamberlain Fit L.L.C.), I have had many opportunities to work alongside Registered Dietitians (RDs) including regularly working with the Purdue University sports team RD's and clinical RD's at a hospital. I was also a personal trainer at the Purdue University Recreational Center for 1.5 years as well as Fit Flex Fly in Indianapolis. I am currently a sponsored athlete for Bodybuilding.com, iSatori supplements, Bite Meals meal prep company, and Gymshark active clothing line. I also have created my very own app, "Fitness By T", that obtains workout programs, nutrition content, and more. July of 2015, I fulfilled my dream of competing in a Bikini bodybuilding competition and have competed in 6 competitions since. I had placed 3rd in my first competition (became nationally qualified), first and the overall bikini champion in my second competition (nationally qualified again), went on to nationals where I placed 9th in my first national show (Jr. Nationals 2016) and 3rd in my second national show (NPC Universe 2016) just points away from my pro card. July 2017, I finally reached my goal of becoming an IFBB Bikini Professional. It still feels like a dream to reach a goal that I had in mind for years. Going through the process for prepping for a show has provided me a deepened knowledge on how the human body works. I  now have the opportunity to help clients all over the world through my online services. I feel as though my main purpose in life is to help people acquire a healthier lifestyle by coaching them and providing to them my health and fitness expertise. I have a strong background in both areas and absolutely love to share my knowledge with others. Seeing someone become healthier, happier, and gaining overall wellness is what truly fulfills me.


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