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Caitlin Logue

Week 1 ➡️ Week 10, with 6 more weeks left in her macro package to go. Cait came to me at the start of her 16-weeks wanting to build lean mass. What we did was rehab her metabolism and increased her macros overtime by reverse dieting. Through this phase she felt empowered and strong, and utilized her extra energy wisely by channeling/focusing it into her lifts (going heavy, PRing when necessary, gaining strength in all areas). Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, she focused on her gym time and gave her lifts 100%. When the time was right (macros high, cardio low, etc), we decided to start her cutting phase. Going at a slow rate, her result at the end of her 16-weeks will be a metabolism of a race horse, increased lean mass, and the shredded physique she wanted from the beginning. She has stayed so patient, trusted the process, and did it without having to feel restricted. So proud of you Cait 💕

                    (Week 1 vs. Week 8: 12lb loss during his cutting phase)

                    (Week 1 vs. Week 8: 12lb loss during his cutting phase)

I came to Taylor after having struggled to diet a number of times. My failures in dieting came from a poor understanding of diets, a lack of discipline and a fear of losing strength. I had never really tracked food intake very well or attempted to be strict with myself. Right off the bat Taylor made me feel welcomed and was able to answer any and all questions I had about her recommendations. I was held accountable because I knew I would be reporting back to her on a regular basis. We moved gradually to ensure a healthy and steady loss over a number of weeks. I was able to make consistent progress in my weight loss and retain most, if not all, of my strength.

Taylor was very conscious of my goals and made sure to cater to them. The feelings you get when you diet are inevitable, but I never felt like anything was ever off limits – this was important to me. Taylor’s macro coaching allowed me to still eat the things I enjoyed, just tracked and in moderation.

Taylor is really knowledgeable about all things fitness - she was able to advise me on so many things (supplementation, digestion, diet, training). She understands what progress is and what it looks like. She also has a genuine concern for her clients. If things aren’t going well physically, mentally she makes sure to reach out and adjust things. In the end, the results speak for themselves. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!
— Sikander Ansari

6 weeks out --> 1.5 weeks out

 "I am a former triathlete, but Not for love of the sport-I spent hours in the pool, on a bike and running as a coping mechanism for things I could NOT deal with that were going on in my life. Like my PT is telling me that my body is breaking down, I have multiple broken bones in my foot and ankle and I STILL wouldn't stop. Then I started being inspired by your journey and your positivity, and decided to stop letting trials in my life define and weaken me. 
Body building has been a rebuilding phase of myself inside and out. I have never battled so hard to improve myself and never felt stronger. I can't believe who I am today versus the girl I was just 2 years ago who was hiding my struggle to find the will to carry on every single day. Taylor you have no idea how much you've inspired me and how much your coaching has changed my life, I couldn't have done any of this without your expertise and fearless leadership"

-Lacey Goedde



I came to Taylor when I was in my sophomore year of college. In my semester back, I had gained 30 pounds from constant overeating and horrible food choices. This led me to feel so insecure and depressed, which cause me to eat more and I would feel embarrassed to even leave my apartment. I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle, so I reached out to Taylor. When I took my initial starting pictures, I felt so embarrassed and disappointed in myself for letting myself get to that point. When she sent me my meal plan, I was so surprised to see how much I was going to eat in a day. She made sure to include every food that I loved, but in moderation. My love for food and fitness started again, and 6 months later I am 30 pounds down and getting ready to lean bulk for a bikini prep. I have felt nothing but the upmost support from Taylor, and hearing her response to my latest pictures put a fire in me to do better every day. I’m thankful that I have someone like Taylor to guide me through a bikini prep, and I’m very excited to move forward with her as my coach. Thank you Taylor for all the support!
— Brianna Fleming

(Total Weightloss: 17lbs)

I came to Taylor in need of clear direction and guidance. I not only received both of these things, but I received so much more from my 16 weeks with her. She went above and beyond what I was excepting. After completing a back to back Marathon and a half-marathon, I was left with a body that I wasn’t comfortable in, body fat % that was too high and a sluggish metabolism. I was confused, frustrated and at a loss as how to go about shredding the unwanted body fat I had gained and how to rebuild my metabolism. I had been experimenting with Macro counting which led me to discover Taylor’s YouTube channel. There is so much information out there and I was so confused about how many macros to eat, when to eat and how to go about it. I found Taylor’s sensible approach to Macros and Nutrition so refreshing and simple. Before I began with Taylor, I was afraid to eat over certain amounts of protein and fats. She was there every step of the way and helped me to overcome my fears about eating “too many grams” of etc.; I discovered what my body was lacking and why I was not where I wanted to be. The custom macros and cardio plan where wonderful tools to have. I didn’t have to guess anymore and could spend my energy in the gym and not planning for the gym. Along our journey Taylor wrote up a strength training plan for me and that is when my progress really took off. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and I have made tremendous improvements in my strength. I feel so strong both mentally and physically, and this by far has been the best experience I have had period! With Taylor as the boss, I not only lost the weight I wanted, but also gained the strength I was looking for. I gained back balance, control and enjoyment in my fitness journey. I can’t say enough good things about how Taylor’s programs have helped me. I am so thankful to have discovered her. If you want change, look no further
— Emily Criswell (
rachael w. before and after.png
"Working with Taylor for 4 months was incredible. I watched my body change in amazing ways. She created a specific macro plan with cardio tailored to my body and nothing was considered "off limits." Her shopping and nutrition guide helped me to create a well balanced diet and I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of flexible dieting. I never felt restricted or like I was even on a diet. I gained weight while still maintaining leanness through the addition of muscle. Before beginning with her I was simply using trial and error with my macros and I was not seeing the results I wanted. Taylor helped me find the macro amounts that work best for my body and help me reach my goals!" 

-Rachael Weingarten

I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience with Taylor as my coach! I wanted someone to help me reach my goals learning about nutrition and becoming stronger in the gym. Taylor listened to all my needs and goals, developed a customized plan for me, and went above and beyond to help me make progress every week. I never felt neglected or like I was just another client. Working with Taylor has been a great experience, and I can’t wait to work with her again next summer!
— Katarina Tornich (
I have been living an active lifestyle for quite some time now, but had a feeling something was off. No matter how I changed my diet and gym routine, nothing seemed to improve my constant feeling of exhaustion. Even after a great night’s sleep, I still felt tired. Since working with Taylor, this has completely changed. Family, friends and even co-workers noticed a large shift in my energy levels and mood. I can’t express how much Taylor’s service has changed not only my energy levels, but my everyday life. She was able to tailor my plans for my busy schedule as I worked full-time and attended grad school full-time.

Like many women, I have always been self conscious about my body. Since working with Taylor, my confidence in myself and body has only risen. She has provided me with proper education on nutrition, my lifting regimen, supplements, etc. that has given me more confidence in my health and has shown results within my physique. I am excited and look forward to continued work with Taylor as she helps me prepare for my wedding!
— Korissa Reyes (
Working with Taylor was the best decision ever. I’ve worked with coaches before and none impressed me the way Taylor did. She was so encouraging and motivating, and above all, she actually cared about me and my results. I was going through a very busy moment in my life and Taylor helped me stay on track with my workouts and nutrition. I’m already looking forward to working with her again!
— Hyla Nayeri (
I truly can’t thank you enough for everything you have taught me, and all of the progress we have made.  The macro and workout plan you created was so easy to follow, and I FINALLY got results.  I was so sick of putting in all of the work and not getting results, I was starting to lose hope.  You have restored by confidence physically and mentally, and I can’t wait to see how far I can go.  Thank you for always being supportive, even when I may or may not have slipped up on my diet :)  You are truly an inspiration!
— Kattie Krivacic -
I came to Taylor because I wanted to lose some fat I gained due to an injury and lack of exercise because of it. In the process we realized my weight wasn’t dropping much even tough we were pushing hard and because of that and many blood test we realized I had hypothyroidism and that just affected me a lot and I lost motivation for a moment but Taylor was there all the time for me telling me it was a good thing at the end of the day.
This journey was a lot more mental for me than physical and made me realize how mentally strong I am when I really want something, I stuck to my macros and training even though I was seeing very little results and that made me feel a lot stronger and a lot more empowered, something that I wasn’t expecting at all. It was just a really fulfilling experience for me from the inside out. And I truly believe it wouldn’t be posible for me to have this positive outlook on it if my coach wasn’t understanding or supporting me the whole path. Taylor you are just awesome!
— Claudia Espinoza -
I came to Taylor after a bad experience with a different coach. Taylor welcomed me with open arms from day one. While her main focuses are health and nutrition, she also greatly cared about me as a person. She worked with me to help me to reach my goals and I truly couldn’t be more thankful!
— Katie McMullan (
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